Slic installs high-speed internet

Heaven Hill Farm is now equipped with high-speed, broadband internet, installed last December by Slic Network Solutions.

Nonprofits and the North Country REDC

How are North Country REDC awards impacting nonprofits in our region?

Q&A with Fran Barrett

Check out our interview with Fran Barrett, New York State's InterAgency Coordinator for Not-for-Profit Services.

Charitable giving tax incentives

Federal tax laws encourage individuals and families to give to charitable organizations, but these incentives are at risk.

Grant program supports daycare providers

Adirondack Foundation is now offering grants to daycare providers in the northern Adirondack region.

Building Community, Sustaining the Region ... Forever

Adirondack Foundation, founded in 1997 as Adirondack Community Trust, is a community foundation serving the Adirondack region of northeastern New York. Adirondack Foundation inspires donors, builds partnerships and mobilizes resources to support the needs of communities, nonprofits and individuals. Adirondack Foundation is the largest private grantmaker in the Adirondack region, focusing on five broad program areas: education, culture, human well-being, environment and community vitality. Adirondack Foundation works proactively to identify current and emerging issues in three key areas – community vitality, connectivity and healthy environment – and develops the resources to address them. Adirondack Foundation maintains Adirondack Gives, a crowdfunding website for Adirondack region nonprofits. Visit For more information about Adirondack Foundation, call (518) 523-9904.